Gender Impact Assessment of the ASI Sunhara India Project

Author: Caro, D.; Pangare, V.; Manfre C. | Publication Date: 2013
Region: | Topic: ,

The Sunhara India Project implemented by Agribusiness Systems International (ASI), with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, focused on increasing rural household income for 25,000 farmers in seven districts of Uttar Pradesh by facilitating changes in the horticultural value chain. It was designed as a learning project […] Continue reading

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Study of the Most Significant Changes Contributing to Decreased Maternal Mortality in Select Ministry of Health Hospitals in the Dominican Republic

This report summarizes the findings of a study designed to answer the question: “Is it possible to significantly reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity-mortality if the major factors associated with these health problems are identified, and an action plan with the active participation of staff and community is developed and implemented.” […] Continue reading

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Closing the Gender Asset Gap: Learning from value chain development in Africa and Asia

The past few years have seen a growing interest in strengthening the abilities of smallholder farmers, particularly women farmers, to produce for both home and the market. Although value chain analysis has increasingly come to address gender issues, there has been minimal focus on the intersection between women’s asset endowments […] Continue reading

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Exploring the Promise of Information and Communication Technologies for Women Farmers in Kenya

Access to information and the creation of knowledge are key drivers of social and economic transformation. In agriculture, new information and knowledge fuel innovation and increase productivity and competitiveness. The ability of farmers to participate in and benefit from growth in the sector is linked to their ability to adopt […] Continue reading

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Integrating Family Planning into Fistula Services: An Evaluation and Case Study

Author: Caro, D.; Farrell, B.; Landry, E.; Alalade, E. | Publication Date: 2013/06
Region: | Topic:

The prevention component of Fistula Care (FC) includes family planning (FP), to help women and couples affected by fistula delay early childbearing, prevent unintended pregnancy, ensure healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy following fistula repair, and limit pregnancy where family size has been achieved. FP not only offers women and […] Continue reading

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Reducing the gender gap in agricultural extension and advisory services: How to find the best fit for men and women farmers

Once again at the center of global debates, agriculture is recognized as a fundamental driver of economic growth and poverty reduction for many developing countries and a priority area for investment. A characteristic of the revitalization of the agriculture sector has been the recognition that past efforts have failed in […] Continue reading

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Women in Cross-Border Agricultural Trade

Author: Caselli-Mechael, E. ; with technical contributions from Rubin, D.; Manfre, C. | Publication Date: 2012
Region: | Topic: ,

Agricultural sector strategies increasingly recognize the critical contributions that women make to food security and agriculture-led growth. Continue reading

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John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer Mid-Term Evaluation for the 2009 – 2013 Program

This evaluation of the John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program was prepared at the request of USAID’s Bureau for Food Security, under the Weidemann Associates Inc. (WAI) Rural and Agricultural Incomes with a Sustainable Environment-Plus (RAISE Plus) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) Task Order #20. The purpose of the […] Continue reading

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Reducing the gender gap in agricultural extension and advisory services

Author: Manfre, C.; Rubin, D. | Publication Date: 2012
Region: | Topic:

This presentation is based on the paper that was a collective effort of the MEAS Gender Working Group entitled “Reducing the gender gap in agricultural extension and advisory services: How to find the best fit for men and women farmers”. Continue reading

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Gender, Agriculture, and Climate Change: Training Materials

This site provides the agenda, presentations, and handouts for the gender workshop conducted for the Regional Economic Growth Initiative (REGI) missions in East Africa. The workshop was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in March 2012 and led by Deborah Rubin, Director, Cultural Practice, LLC. Continue reading