Knowledge Management

Over the last several years, Cultural Practice, LLC has been assisting clients organize, disseminate and share their intellectual capital with others. CP offers a combination of strong research and writing skills, as well as the ability to make information accessible to diverse users.

Examples of Our Work

K4Health Toolkit

CP managed the development of a web-based toolkit in conjunction with a gender technical working group (TWG) which provided guidance on toolkit scope and content. Under the supervision of K4Health Cultural Practice led toolkit development activities and ensured that deliverables were met within the specified timeframe. CP also suggested how to integrate gender appropriately into other toolkits on the K4Health web platform.

The Digest Project

CP coordinates a data and knowledge management project with USAID agricultural programs known as the Feed the Future Collaborative Research Innovation Labs, formerly known as the Collaborative Research Support Programs (CRSPs). For the first time in the 30+ year history of the CRSPs/Innovation Labs, the CP-created Digest website brings together Innovation Lab and CRSP training and project information and publications in one place.