Integrating Gender in Policy Implementation Barriers Analysis: A Methodology

Author: Rubin, D.; Herstad, B. | Publication Date: 2009
Region: | Topic: ,

The Policy Implementation Barriers Analysis (PIBA) activity was designed to pilot a methodology and set of tools to identify key barriers to implementing programs under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Specifically, the activity focused on identifying barriers to reaching a targeted goal for one or more of the PEPFAR indicators. The project integrated gender into the PIBA activity to help underscore the various needs of women and men within the context of barriers to implementation. Health policies affect women and men differently, as do policies that influence service delivery systems, available resources, patient treatment options, medical costs, and other aspects of healthcare services, such as hours of operation or site location. These differences often are the product of local gender norms and values that shape the freedom and opportunities open to both women and men. Identifying and addressing these differences are crucial to ensuring that women and men benefit equally from health programs.

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