Gender-based Violence Training and Technical Assistance Report

Over the last five years the Peruvian government has made a significant commitment and investment in developing the legal, regulatory, and policy frameworks necessary to prevent and respond to genderbased violence. There have also been many small scale NGO and government initiatives to address the issue in different parts of […] Continue reading

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Gender Training Report USAID/Nicaragua

Gender Mainstreaming Workshop: USAID/Armenia and Project Nova

Author: Caro, D. | Publication Date: 2006
Region: | Topic:

Between July 4 and 15, 2006, the USAID Office of Women in Development (EGAT/WID) collaborated with USAID/Armenia and Project NOVA to provide a two and a half day gender training workshop for USAID/Armenia’s health projects and associated NGO and Ministry of Health staff. The purpose of the workshop was to […] Continue reading

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Gender Audit USAID/Tanzania

This report documents the implementation of a gender audit at USAID/Tanzania. The audit was carried out between February and July 2006, in two phases. The gender audit survey was conducted in late February, and follow-up discussions were held in May, with the final report completed in August. The audit was […] Continue reading

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External Evaluation Panel Report 2006: Developing Institutions and Capacity for Sheep and Fiber Marketing in Central Asia (WOOL) Project

The “Developing Institutions and Capacity for Sheep and Fiber Marketing in Central Asia” (WOOL) project has been carrying out a range of activities on wool and cashmere production, processing, and marketing in both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The project began in 2003 following the end of three small grants in the […] Continue reading

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External Evaluation Panel Report 2006: Sustainable Management of Rural Watersheds (SUMAWA) Project: Biophysical, Livestock and Human Interactions in the Njoro River Watershed

The Sustainable Management of Watersheds Project (SUMAWA) is a multi-disciplinary research effort focusing on the River Njoro watershed in Kenya, involving collaboration between scientists based in two Kenyan universities (Egerton and Moi), three US universities (University of Wyoming, University of California–Davis, and Utah State), and two Kenyan government institutions (Department […] Continue reading

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A Donor Perspective on the Accomplishments, Limitations, and Opportunities for Social Research

In Michael Cernea and Amir Kassam (eds) Researching the Culture in Agri-Culture: Social Resarch for International Development, CABI press. Continue reading