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Résultats de l’évaluation de genre et sécurité alimentaire des sacs PICS en Haïti

Le but de l’analyse de genre est d’évaluer les impacts et d’identifier les potentiels opportunités de l’utilisation des sacs PICS par les agriculteurs et agricultrices en Haïti. L’impact de l’utilisation du sac PICS sur le travail et le temps alloué aux activités post-récoltes, la sécurité alimentaire, les ressources et revenus, […] Continue reading

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Building Equitable and Prosperous Cacao Communities in Peru

With Lutheran World Relief, Cultural Practice is building the capacity of cacao and coffee cooperatives throughout Latin America to address gender inequalities in their production and marketing activities. In Peru, the team is working with the Q’Ori Warmi cooperative in the VRAEM (Valle de los Ríos Apurímac, Ene y Mantaro) […] Continue reading

Facilitation Guide for an Integrated Evaluation Methodology: Most Significant Change and PhotoVoice

In 2012, Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and its local implementing partners launched the Learning for Gender Integration initiative (LGI), an innovative program to address gender inequality in the context of food security. LGI’s goal was to address inequalities to ensure that men and women have equal opportunities to benefit from […] Continue reading

LGI Facilitation Guide

The Gender in Agriculture from Policy to Practice Toolkit

The Gender in Agriculture from Policy to Practice (GAPP) Toolkit presents an innovative approach for engaging men and women to increase women’s access to productive resources. It was prepared by Lutheran World Relief and Cultural Practice, LLC in July 2016. From the Toolkit: Between 2013 and 2016, Lutheran World Relief […] Continue reading

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Final Performance Evaluation Of The Leveraging Effective Application Of Direct Investments Project

Author: Dorsainvil, D., Benschoter, E., Moncoeur, B., Mahotiere, F., Michel, H. | Publication Date: 2016
Region: | Topic:

PROJECT BACKGROUND Leveraging Effective Application of Direct Investments (LEAD) is a USAID-funded $12 million project implemented by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) from July 2011 and recently extended to March 2017. It was conceived as a pilot project with the objective of stimulating growth and employment by supporting Haitian […] Continue reading

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Midterm Review of the Afro–Colombian and Indigenous Program: A Synthesis of Findings

Author: Caro, D. | Publication Date: 2015/05/18
Region: | Topic:

ACDI/VOCA hired Cultural Practice, LLC to conduct a mid-term review of the USAID Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Program in 2015. From the report:  Ethnic minority populations are among the most marginalized groups in Colombia and suffer from challenges including exclusion, inequality, poverty, violence, discrimination, and displacement. To address these issues, USAID created […] Continue reading

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Study of the Most Significant Changes Contributing to Decreased Maternal Mortality in Select Ministry of Health Hospitals in the Dominican Republic

This report summarizes the findings of a study designed to answer the question: “Is it possible to significantly reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity-mortality if the major factors associated with these health problems are identified, and an action plan with the active participation of staff and community is developed and implemented.” […] Continue reading

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Gender Background Report Volume I: Gender Analysis for USAID/Bolivia

In 2013 USAID/Bolivia will develop a new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) in support of Bolivia’s National Development Plan. The two prospective development objectives (DOs) in health and environment are likely to focus on reducing the social and economic exclusion of historically disadvantaged Bolivian populations. Activities under the new strategy […] Continue reading

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Gender Background Report Volume II: Gender-focused Recommendations and Action Plan for USAID/Bolivia

This two-volume background report includes a gender analysis that summarizes the gender disparities in key programmatic sectors in which USAID has been working, examines why they exist, and suggests some possible approaches to reduce inequalities. This report, Volume II is a draft gender action plan, consisting of an application of […] Continue reading

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Strengthening implementation of gender-based violence policies in Bolivia: Analysis and Implementation Advocacy in the Avances de Paz Project

Gender-based violence (GBV) is increasingly recognized as both a public health and human rights issue that affects the majority of the world’s women. Bolivia has a long history of high prevalence of GBV—particularly intimate partner violence. Although the country has long carried out advocacy for legal and policy measures to […] Continue reading

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