Caro, D.

Women’s Nutrition Roundtable

Author: Rubin, D.; Caro, D.; | Publication Date: 2001
Region: | Topic:

The Women’s Nutrition Roundtable, held on November 8, 2001, was sponsored by USAID/G/PHN and organized through the Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) project at the Academy for Educational Development (AED). The meeting brought together a wide range of participants from sixteen different organizations and/or activities that have worked on […] Continue reading

Anthropology in International Development

Author: Rubin, D.; Caro, D.; Cahalen, D. | Publication Date: 2001
Region: | Topic:

Recent interest in “public anthropology” has reopened a discussion about the role of anthropology outside of the academy. A central tension in the debate is how to distinguish, if at all, public anthropology from other forms of applied anthropology (May 2000 AN, p 9; Sept 2000 AN, p 6). One […] Continue reading

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