Caro, D.

Gender Background Report Volume I: Gender Analysis for USAID/Bolivia

In 2013 USAID/Bolivia will develop a new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) in support of Bolivia’s National Development Plan. The two prospective development objectives (DOs) in health and environment are likely to focus on reducing the social and economic exclusion of historically disadvantaged Bolivian populations. Activities under the new strategy […] Continue reading

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Midterm Evaluation of the Fistula Care Project

Fistula Care (FC) assists countries in strengthening the capacity of surgeons and hospitals to provide fistula repair. It also works to help countries increase access to and timely use of emergency obstetrical care; increase understanding about abstract fistula and the steps to prevent it; provide support to women for social […] Continue reading

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Gender Assessment: USAID/Ghana

USAID/Ghana is in the process of developing a new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) that will cover fiscal years 2011-2015. The new strategy will focus on the same four development objectives (DO) as the current strategy: Economic Growth, Education, Democracy and Governance, and Health. The USAID/Ghana Mission anticipates substantially realigning […] Continue reading

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USAID/Bolivia: Health Strategy Portfolio Review FY2005-FY2009

In preparation for the design of a new strategy, a five person team undertook a portfolio review of USAID/Bolivia‘s health Program. A portfolio review was more appropriate assessment than a final evaluation as midstream changes to the FY2005-FY2009 strategy in 2007 made it unrealistic to measure impacts of interventions implemented […] Continue reading

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Gender Assessment of the USAID/Egypt Health Program

Author: Caro, D.; Ibrahim, S. | Publication Date: 2010
Region: | Topic: ,

USAID/Egypt is in the process of preparing a bridge strategy that will transition it from the end of its current strategy to its next phase, which is under discussion with the Government of Egypt. As part of this transition, the Office of Health and Population requested a gender assessment to […] Continue reading

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Gender Assessment USAID/India

Author: Caro, D.; Green, M.E.; Pangare, V.; Goswami, R. | Publication Date: 2010
Region: | Topic:

Although gender inequality and rigidly prescribed roles undermine equitable development and social justice, they are largely unchallenged in many settings, and imperceptible to policymakers and the general public. USAID/India has decided to mainstream gender in its strategy as a means of addressing gender inequalities throughout its programs. This gender assessment […] Continue reading

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Strengthening implementation of gender-based violence policies in Bolivia: Analysis and Implementation Advocacy in the Avances de Paz Project

Gender-based violence (GBV) is increasingly recognized as both a public health and human rights issue that affects the majority of the world’s women. Bolivia has a long history of high prevalence of GBV—particularly intimate partner violence. Although the country has long carried out advocacy for legal and policy measures to […] Continue reading

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Stories from the Field: Bolivian Communities Take Action against GBV

Author: Caro, D. | Publication Date: 1/2009
Region: | Topic:

Gender-based violence (GBV) is of increasing concern in Bolivia, where 6 out 10 women and 3 out of 10 men report having experienced violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime. Frustrated with the alarming rate of GBV, community leaders launched the Avances de Paz (Advances of Peace) project, implemented from […] Continue reading

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Construyendo los avances de paz: guía metodológica de análisis y planificación

This is a methodological guide on analysis and planning for gender-based violence prevention projects. It was developed as part of the Avances de Paz project, a project working against gender-based violence in Bolivia. Find other guides from the project here and here. The first step in the process was recognizing the presence of […] Continue reading

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Identifying Appropriate Livelihood Options for Adolescent Girls: A Program Design Tool

Author: Caro, D. | Publication Date: 2009
Region: | Topic: ,

There are many different types of livelihood programs, including microfinance, conditional cash transfers, vocational skills training, scholarship programs, financial literacy, life-skills training, and so on. These programs are often applied to adolescents without distinguishing how their specific socio-cultural (e.g., age, gender, religion, marital status, residence, and school attendance) and economic […] Continue reading

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