Gender 360

As our core technical specialty, Cultural Practice, LLC brings a depth of experience in facilitating gender integration across a range of different types of organizations and a number of sectors. In addition to our in-house expertise, we have a network of over 100 consultants in the US and overseas, able to deliver gender expertise to diverse technical areas including agriculture, food security, business support services, value chain development, energy and climate change, health and HIV/AIDS, GBV, anti-trafficking, natural resource management, and governance. We are also able to link up with women’s empowerment research, implementation, and advocacy organizations and government units in Africa, Latin and Central America, and Asia.

CP applies its gender expertise to all of its services and sector work. In addition we provide critical analysis in the areas of gender-based violence, land and property rights, economic empowerment and livelihoods, participation and governance.

CP helps clients to conduct sector-specific gender analysis to identify disparities and inequalities that may limit access to equal opportunities and benefits for women and men. Based on the findings, we work with clients to integrate into the design of development activities approaches to overcome gender-related obstacles to achieving the project’s objectives, and to enhance women’s and men’s equal participation and leadership.

Examples of Our Work

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