Cultural Practice, LLC (CP), known for delivering critical social expertise, provides a dynamic work environment for an interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts who deliver tailored services to meet our clients’ needs.

CP is always looking to expand its roster of international development experts for short-, medium-, and long-term consultant opportunities. We are especially interested currently in recruiting consultants with monitoring and evaluation experience and Spanish, French, and Portuguese language skills.

We are also always interested in hearing from mid-level consultants with either a Ph.D. with 4+ years of relevant work experience, a JD with 5+ years of relevant work experience, a Master’s Degree with 6+ years of relevant work experience, or a Bachelor’s Degree with 8+ years of relevant work experience.

We encourage individuals with experience in the following technical areas to submit a CV: agriculture and food security, capacity building and training, climate change and environment, economic growth, gender, health (reproductive, FP, maternal, and child health, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDs, and nutrition), knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation, and policy analysis and strategy development.

We are also interested in gender experts with expertise in the following sectors to submit their CVs: gender-based violence, trafficking in persons, women’s economic empowerment, women’s leadership, legal rights including property, inheritance and access to justice, women’s employment in both the formal and informal sectors, women’s role in mitigating climate change and environmental stewardship, women and food security, and conflict mitigation and peace-building.

Please send your CV to culturalpractice@culturalpractice.com.

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