About Cultural Practice, LLC

Established in 2000, Cultural Practice, LLC (CP) is a women-owned small business. The company was founded by two Ph.D. anthropologists and has now expanded to include an interdisciplinary staff. CP offers consulting services in international development and assisting implementers, donors, policymakers and practitioners to achieve positive social change. In each assignment, we seek to understand the client’s needs and the subculture of the client’s organization to provide tailored country and sectoral recommendations. Our approach integrates attention to cultural diversity and gender equality. Analyzing gender relations is central to our approach since differences between men and women affect many aspects of program operations and often influence program success.

CP helps clients understand the behaviors, interests, incentives, and decision-making patterns of men, women, and institutions, in different cultural contexts. We apply this knowledge to improve the design and implementation of sustainable and equitable programs to build healthier, more prosperous societies. CP’s cross-cultural expertise provides its clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions that lead to positive social change.

Showing a steady pattern of growth, CP has worked with U.S. Government Agencies, including USAID, USDA, and HHS. CP’s technical expertise and services are also in high demand globally by universities, foundations, NGOs, and private firms.

Known for the high quality of its products and responsiveness to client needs, CP has led or partnered on IQCs and other types of contracts and awards. CP is currently a prime contractor of the USAID PPL-LER Monitoring and Evaluation IDIQ (EVAL-ME IDIQ). Learn more about CP’s contract vehicles and clients.

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