January, 2019

Jan 28

Making Climate-Smart Agriculture Work for Women Farmers and Entrepreneurs

This post was originally published on the CTA Blog. Find the original post here.  by Deborah Rubin – Co-director, Cultural Practice, LLC and Olu Ajayi – Senior Programme Coordinator Agriculture & Climate Change Agricultural production will need to increase by at least 50% over the next 30 years to meet […] Continue reading

Jan 25
Women picking plants

Policies for Women’s Profitable Participation in Agricultural Market Systems

This post was produced as a joint effort of the Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security project and Cultural Practice, LLC with input from Fintrac Inc. The original post can be found on MarketLinks. This is the final post of a series exploring the range of policies that can support women’s profitable participation in agricultural market systems. Readers are […] Continue reading